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With a proven track record in both fabricated and turnkey projects we are proud of our unique combination of services from design, engineering, maintenance and on site build to full project management.


Our highly qualifed professional management team and craftsmen with a depth of expertise, operational experience and a client focused approach at all times to deliver a quality and cost effective service to clients from beginning to completion of projects.


Health, Safety & Environment


Established in 1993 Foynes Engineering has developed a strong reputation in the delivery of comprehensive mechanical engineering projects. We have delivered projects for the  pharmaceutical, oil & gas, petrochemical, power generation and food process  sectors.

Refurbished Molasses Storage Tanks. Deepwater Berth, Ringaskiddy, Co. Cork


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“Foynes Engineering has proven itself as one of the leading contractors capable of providing a complete


mechanical engineering service in heavy industry”. Client Quotation

When dimensions become too critical...

Our attention to detail and working with blue chip clients saw the business naturally develop its precision engineering division.








Special tools, employee training and well defined process and quality procedures have been implemented to guarantee the delivery of world class precision engineered products to the oil and gas industry globally. We work with all grades of carbon and stainless steel, heat resistance and low temperature materials, special alloys as well as clad and weld overlaid material to almost zero tolerances.


Foynes Engineering offers the following key deliverables:


•Range of BEng Mechanical Engineers and Design Engineers inhouse.


•FullAutocad,3DSolidworks,RIVET,Strucad, complemented with a full technical library of current International Standards.


•Fully Equipped Research & Development Department withLead Management Personnel.


•DedicatedQualityAssuranceDepartmentandassociatedMechanical Testing House Facilities.


• Third Party Notified Body InsuranceInspectorate Services when required.


•Necessary Trade Skillsets(Foynes Engineering Biggest Asset)

Precision Engineering Design & Manufacture

• ISO9001:2015


• ISO45001:2018


• EN1090-2






• N.I.S.O (National Irish Safety Organisation)



• In-line With ISO14001:2004










Our commitment to health and safety is the strongest of our company’s core values. The promotion of a safe and healthy environment, prevention of accidents and respect for the environment is a critical element of our culture. All of our projects are undertaken with a consistent emphasis on maintaining safe conditions and practises for our personnel and all other project participants and stakeholders.


Foynes Engineering believes in constantly improving health and safety standards and performance. International standards and codes are always observed to comply with the latest statutes, regulations and codes of practice, however we will always seek to exceed these where there is a demonstrable benefit.  


Foynes Engineering recognises that safety is the responsibility of everyone within the organisation and is not just the function of management. Project managers and Supervisors will have specific duties and responsibilities to comply with the letter and spirit of company policy. Employees will have specific responsibilities to take reasonable care of themselves on others who could be affected by their actions and to co-operate with management in achieving the standards required. The company continues to monitor and audit its safety performance with a specific objective to exceed current industry expectations and standards.




“Foynes Engineering have clearly invested time and resources in ensuring that their people are trained to the highest standards in health and safety which is re ected in their excellent health and safety record.”

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